It can be difficult to find a good boxing club because not every facility is designed with your needs in mind. Depending on your goals, whether it be competing, becoming a professional or even just getting into better shape it’s good to keep these in mind while looking for a good boxing club.

A Good Boxing Club will have:

1) Good equipment that does not pose a health risk – Good punching bags and speedbags should be well attached to the floor and ceiling, they should also have minimal give when hit hard enough. If you’re going to break your hands upon impact then you’re doing it wrong! In addition all heavy bags should also have swivel mounts so they don’t take up space during use.

2) Good Training – Good trainers will know how to spar properly, give constructive criticism and keep you safe while still training as hard as possible. Good trainers will also have a good eye for potential and be open to novice fighters joining their club.

3) Good environment – A Good boxing gym has a good, clean and safe environment that feels like home. It should always smell clean and everything should be in order for an easy workout session. Good gyms make coming back each day something you look forward to!

4) Good Atmosphere – Good boxing gyms have a good atmosphere. Good gyms will have a relaxed feel that encourages both learning and fun. It should always be busy but never too crowded that it takes away from your workout session. Good trainers encourage this with their positive attitudes and be eager to help you meet your goals. Good boxing gyms are not hard to find! Good boxing gyms come in many shapes and sizes so it’s important to be a bit picky when choosing the right one for you. 

Conclusion: When looking for a boxing club, there are many factors to consider. In this blog post we’ve given some tips on how to make your experience as seamless as possible. Whether you want to compete in the ring or just learn about the sport from those who know it best, whatever your goals are it is important to keep these points in mind. If you want to learn how to box, get in shape or even get a better sweat, visit our website or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more information

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