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The sport of Muay Thai is so much more than just a physical challenge. It demands dedication and focus to become even remotely good at it; but that’s not all! There are many aspects involved in training for this art form which can be overwhelming when you’re first start Training with Muay Thai.

The Art of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is more than just a sport – it’s an art. The 8 limbs mentioned below make up the techniques used in this unique form of fighting, which means there are 2 hands you use for hitting or blocking attacks from your opponent while also having feet and elbows work on standby at all times so that when opportunity arises, you can take advantage with quick movements make tactical combinations.

Your 8 limbs are your best defence and offense tools

Muay Thai Punches

There are three different types of attacks in Muay Thai punches, which can be used to take down an opponent. Straight punches aim at the front and side heads while hooks are aimed towards your target’s upper body or chin when they’re leaning forward slightly.

Muay Thai Kicking

The 4 main types of kicks used in Muay Thai are the leg kick, body attack method called “teep” (which stands for “front kicks” in Thailand), and two kinds of head strike: one where you throw your whole body weight forward into it while other times just use shin as weapon; both can cause damage to an opponent’s arms, which makes blocking difficult. Damaging these areas also affects breath rate, making fighting more exhausted to counter.

Muay Thai Knee

Knees in Muay Thai are an incredibly effective way to attack your opponent. They can be used when closing distance, as well and most often than not clinching with the knee towards their body so you do not accidentally land on top of them!

Muay Thai Elbows

Elbows are a unique and devastating weapon in the sport of Muay Thai. Unpadded or not, elbow strikes can lead to knockouts so fast that some Muay Thai competitions ban them! One thing about elbow strikes is that it does not need much range, since elbows have shorter distance requirements compared to other weapons like hooks/kicks, you’ll often see them being thrown at proximity during exchanges between opponents.

Clinching (Stand-up Grappling)

In a fight, one of the most important things to do is clinch. In this position, you can control your opponent and get opportunities for attacking them without being attacked in return! It may sound risky but by using close-quarter techniques like elbows or knees with wild movements that capitalize on any openings, it becomes safe enough because there is less risk than sweeping an enemy who might try sweepings you instead.

Muay Thai may sound intense, but it is actually fun!

Muay Thai is a great workout where you can burn hundreds, even thousands, of calories in just one session! It is also an incredible experience to train with others and not on your own because it takes two-to tango (or fight). There are many people with different levels of martial arts education who come together for this passion: some may have done no type or form before; others might already know how much fun they are having through countless sessions at Soul Martial Arts in Vaughan and Markham– either way we’re excited about getting everyone start training with Muay Thai

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