What is the best age to start training for martial arts?

Martial arts training can be a very rewarding experience for children, but it’s important to know what age you should start. We, at Soul Martial Arts believes that the student and parent play key roles in this decision; While some parents want to start their child when they reach their teen years, we found that starting at a younger age might be better.

From our experience, it seems that the earlier you start training in martial arts, the better your chances for success are. If your child starts training at 7 years old, there is a higher chance that they will take martial arts lessons beyond self defence. They learn to start their personal development journey.

Personal Development as a focus when practicing martial arts

Martial arts training improves physical fitness and health in students of all ages. At the same time, it enhances discipline, which can help your child learn other traits such as self-confidence or communication skills more effectively because by joining a class; they get to meet other friends outside of their school who have the same likes / hobby as they do.

Here are a few things that your child will start to hone once they begin their training in martial arts.

1. Calm and Coolness

Martial arts training teaches you how to stay in control of your body and emotions, even under pressure. You will have the ability to face any challenge with bravery while remaining calm no matter what happens next!

2. Dedications to achieving goals

The importance of martial arts can be seen in how it has helped many people to become more focused on their goals. It is important for children, as they are still developing and learning about themselves; this will help foster dedication towards what matters most by teaching them self-defence skills which come into play when facing obstacles along the way.

3. Overcoming challenges

Martial arts help children learn how to handle tough situations. When they get knocked down, the focus is on getting back up and trying again rather than backing down from adversity, like many other activities might dictate. In addition, training in fighting skills allows kids opportunities for practicing overcoming challenges with confidence even if it means fighting continuously until one victory leads him/her onwards towards success!

4. Goal Setting

Martial arts training is a great way for your child to learn self-discipline and goal setting. They will feel accomplished with each personal success, as it provides them the sense of pride that comes from achieving success from their own goals that they have set! When you help nurture this personality trait in your kids, they’ll grow up to be more confident about themselves because reaching goals means something special – especially when achieved by themselves.


To get into MMA, you will need a coach by your side to train and teach the techniques necessary for fighting. If this is all new territory, we suggest coming by for a trial session or coming by for a no-sweat information tour, so we can go over MMA and see if it’s right for you.

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