Boxing Clubs in Markham Ontario

Choosing the right Boxing Clubs in Markham Ontario can be your biggest challenge. Some folks feel that they know the right place when they enter a studio. They get that vibe that says, “YES!”

For others doing their due diligence is of utmost importance. It would help if you searched for reviews and read both positive and negative. Looking at additional social media exposure and feedback and perhaps you may know of someone who attends. You could ask them what they like and dislike about it long before you walk through the doors. Additionally, meeting with the manager and of course the trainers you would be working with. 


Keep in mind through this process that while certifications are a fantastic necessity, the gym’s attention to safety should be of utmost importance.


·         Decide in advance what your needs are. Boxing Clubs in Markham Ontario will be looser on its equipment needs, and unless they have met their maximum capacity, they are usually open to new members. These types of gyms focus on group training, burning calories, and endurance training.

·         Professional Boxing Gyms will have lots of fitness and endurance training, but there will also be one-on-one sessions with a coach and increased sparring.

·         Is gender an issue for you? Are you looking for all-inclusive, maybe even have the kids join you if you have them? Or predominantly men, or women? For many, a mix makes the energy more exciting, but this can be a huge issue for those with self-confidence issues. If this, describes you, then make sure to add this question to your list when you meet with a trainer/teacher.

·         Variety can be important unless you are searching for straight-up boxing. Are you interested in other fitness fighting styles, like kickboxing, Muay Thai Jiu-jitsu, or MMA?

So, let’s say you have gone through the steps and identified what you want to find in a boxing club. What now? Price could play a part as membership pricing has a dramatic range. So additional questions to consider as you decide on a new boxing club to call home.

1.    Are there affordable drops ins? 

2.   Do they offer new members a special or discounts?

3.    Is there a minimum commitment for either time or money? 

Final Tips and Suggestions

·         If you can, observe a class and a sparring session.

·         Check out the teaching style and equipment.

·         Do comparatives between your top few choices.

·         Look for genuinely happy, sweaty people exiting the gym.

·         Motivation is vital as your boxing gym and trainer have to motivate you and push you beyond your limits.

·         The trainer/teacher you choose to work with should also be someone you can respect, that has good communication skills and an extensive knowledge base. 

In summary, how to tell which Boxing club in Markham Ontario is right for you requires investigative work, knowing your needs, and comparing apples to apples. If you want to know more Contact us or follow us on instagram to stay up to date with all of our announcements!

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